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    _ Cleaning _NDIS Junk Removal

    At Big Brother Care, we offer cleaning, gardening, and Junk Removal Services to NDIS participants. Our dedication and hard work make us the go-to NDIS Rubbish Removal Perth with certified NDIS cleaners who are expert in their skill. Our master cleaners are highly-trained for serving disabled families with affection, care, and consideration. They take care of their responsibility efficiently while staying pleasant, kind, and humble. We carefully follow the NDIS agreement in our services.

    We are approved, enlisted, known for our NDIS services. We are offering a variety of services to NDIS participants for as long as 13 years. Our customers love our service quality and depend on us for cleaning services, everything being equal. We realize the importance of a clean and safe environment for NDIS participants. Our colleagues work with full endeavors and care to give you a deep and thorough cleaning that would surpass your desires.

    Dual High-Quality ServicesOur NDIS approved cleaners deliver high-quality services to the participants 24/7.

      _ We Focus _Junk Removal Procedure

      Big Brother Care offers a wide scope of cleaning services to different areas of Perth. Cleaning skills and experience increased through long stretches of service, we are primely focused on your health and safety.

      Our Junk Removal procedures aim at disposing of junk most discreetly around the same time with absolute speed and polished skill. Our NDIS Rubbish Removal squad is fully equipped with all the resources needed for Junk removal including vehicles and the right tools.

      You can book your service via call or online for a day and time that suits you. Also, and type and volume of your junk to get a free estimate ahead of time.

      Our Junk Removal specialists will acquaint you with the hassle-free junk removal service. The final quote for the service will be given after reviewing the size and kind of your junk. The experts will fill their bags, load everything on a suitable vehicle, and take it away.

      Our NDIS Rubbish Removal services include
      removing the following things from your property:

      • House Hold Junk Removal: Mattresses & Box Springs, Furniture, Refrigerators, Electronics, Hot Tubs Carpeting & Rugs
      • E-Waste: Appliances, TVs
      • Others: Bicycles, Renovation Waste, Skip Bins, Scrap Metals, Tyres & Rubber, Yard Waste (Green Waste), Household Garbage & Refuse, Glass, Pianos, Exercise Equipment, Pool Tables, etc.

      _ Client's Queries _Frequently Asked Questions

      Where do you take the removed junk?

      We bend over backward to decrease our environmental effect. if possible, potential things are donated, recycled, and arranged to redirect from the landfill.

      How to manage the stuff that is of no use to me but can be useful to someone else?

      Big Brother Care is a big supporter of donating used things and will help you with finding a non-profit organization that ensures people in need benefit from your stuff.

      Do you perform background checks on your team?

      Yes. Our specialists go through rigorous background checks before being employed with Big Brother Care for you to feel safe with and certain about our staff during your junk removal service.

      How to recycle electronics?

      Big Brother Care can get any of your electronics for recycling. Huge numbers of your family electronics are recyclable! Things like TVs, screens, PCs, and more are isolated and afterward shipped off a local office where they are dismantled for recycling.