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_ Cleaning _NDIS Forensic Cleaning

Big Brother Care is renowned NDIS-registered Forensic Cleaners in Australia and has a proven track record of offering high-quality NDIS home cleaning services and NDIS forensic cleaning services to NDIS participants, support works people with disabilities, their family, and carers. We have a team of experts. Our NDIS Forensic Cleaning services are offered by experienced and proficient NDIS Forensic cleaners who have years of experience in fulfilling your requirements and working dedicatedly to help you at each step to give you the exact solutions.

We realize that Forensic Cleaning can be toxic and harmful so it needs professional dealing and utilization of essential tools and products. To effectively evaluate the success of our forensic cleaning services, each forensic cleaning task is staffed by people who have obtained relevant skills in handling such situations and are shielded from biohazards within the surrounding environment. Our strategies of cleaning include odor removal and water-pressure cleaning, sanitization to prevent bacterial and viral disease, and removing hazardous material. The outcomes are a protected, nice, clean, and recently liveable property.

We also understand what the emotional state of our customers might be during the sensitive occasion and we offer complete assistance by carrying out our forensic services expertly and carefully. We are also aware of the unpredictability of Forensic cleaning tasks, so our team is alert to your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Our NDIS Forensic Cleaning Services Include:

    • Trauma and Home Accident Cleaning
    • Crime Scene Cleaning
    • Hoarding Cleaning
    • Blood Cleaning
    • Biohazard Material and Rubbish Removal
    • NDIS Special Services

    Dual Awareness of Unpredictabilityour team is alert to your needs, for unpredictability of Forensic cleaning tasks

      _ Forensic Cleaning _Trauma and Home Accident Cleaning

      Our NDIS-approved Trauma cleaning experts exclusively work on scenes of accidents, know the ins and outs of these scenes, and are trained to clean properly and effectively. Our Trauma Cleaning service covers:

      • Blood cleanups
      • Hypodermic needles and sharp objects cleanup
      • Meth lab cleanup
      • Death scene cleaning
      • Biohazard removal
      • Bodily fluids cleanup

      _ Forensic Cleaning _Crime Scene Cleaning

      Our exceptionally experienced and trained pro-crime scene specialists tackle long periods of bio-remediation experience on each work. Our number 1 target is to discreetly, watchfully, and securely sterilize and remediate the crime scene, injury scene, or bio-risk scene to a sheltered, biohazard free, Liveable condition

      _ Forensic Cleaning _Hoarding Cleaning

      Our NDIS Forensic cleaning experts are well aware of the psychological aspects associated with hoarding and are trained to deal with hoarding cleaning tasks efficiently.

      _ Forensic Cleaning _Blood Cleaning

      Accidents or other events that involve major spillage of human blood leave behind scenes that are covered with bloody trails and pools of blood. Our professional NDIS Forensic cleaner teams deal with the blood professionally eliminating the risk s to blood-related diseases, such as hepatitis C and HIV.

      _ Forensic Cleaning _Biohazard Material and Rubbish Removal

      For all biohazard material left behind at the scene of a crime or accident, Big Brother Care Forensic cleaners offer full biohazard removal services. This includes blood and other bodily fluids cleaning, just as some other biohazard material that might be available on the scene.

      _ Forensic Cleaning _NDIS Special Services

      Big Brother Care is a group of qualified NDIS Registered cleaning service providers and experienced disability support staff that is passionate about and dedicated to a high standard of care and service delivery.

      Apart from these main services, we offer various other NDIS- approved cleaning services such as Laundry and Linen service, Home help, NDIS Vacate cleaning, Relocation into a residential care facility, Maintenance, and repair service, Planting service, end-of-lease cleaning, a light handyman to move furniture, Fixing Paint Job, Decluttering, House-keeping, Pest Controlling, and Mould Cleaning, etc. and will try to go to any lengths to fulfill your needs and requirements.

      If you don’t find any services that suit your requirement on our services page, contact our team of experts to discuss your specific situation and we will tailor a custom service package for you and try to facilitate all your cleaning needs at the highest possible level. We deliver personalized cleaning NDIS services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or one-off basis. We guarantee the best-in-industry services and with a no-obligation quote.