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NDIS Cleaning services are an important part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS that gives support to people with disabilities. Everything you need to know about NDIS assistance is following:

What is NDIS Cleaning?

The cleaning services aim to support NDIS participants with chores, cleaning, and providing a hygienic living space.

These services cover basic household cleaning and maintenance, but it does not include services like hiring an electrician, plumbers, or other professionals.

Who can provide NDIS Cleaning Services?

These services are provided by several professionals including registered NDIS providers and non-registered providers. You can only use registered NDIS-approved cleaners if NDIA manages your plan.

NDIS Cleaning Services

How does it work?

The cost of cleaning services if included in the participant’s plan is covered by NDIS. These cleaning services can be assessed using your NDIS cleaning funds and list essential things to take care of.

NDIS covers an array of services to provide to disabled families including cleaning services.

Important things to consider:

  •       Always make sure that the provider is registered with NDIS if your plan is managed by NDIA.
  •       Moreover, it is crucial to discuss your specific needs with the provider to ensure they can provide appropriate help.
  •       It is important to consider their qualifications and reputation while choosing an NDIS cleaning service provider.


To sum up, these NDIS cleaning services are an essential part of the support that the NDIS provides to people with disabilities in Australia. By providing help with cleaning, cooking, gardening, and more NDIS domestic helps people with disabilities to live independently and safely in their homes.