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The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) is a program funded by the government of Australia. It supports people with different disabilities. NDIS also supports those with psychosocial disabilities. Psychosocial disability is described as a disability that causes a person with different health issues. Ndis psychosocial disability program focuses on improving the lives of disabled people with this condition.

Defining psychosocial disability:

NDIS defines psychosocial disability as a mental illness. It affects the individual’s ability to engage in social interactions and affects the overall body. It also causes difficulty for the person to perform daily routine work. But there is an exception, not everyone who has mental issues will experience this disorder. But those people who do can have severe social disadvantages.

Recovery-oriented framework:

The NDIS provides help to people with psychological disabilities through a program called an oriented framework. This framework is specifically focused on improving a person’s functional ability and recovery.

  •  NDIS and mental illness: The NDIS is committed to maintaining the lives of people with psychological disabilities. They do this by providing support that is not clinical. It includes assistance with daily activities and employment support. 

Eligibility for the NDIS:

For eligibility to be included in the NDIS psychosocial disability support a participant needs to prove the permanency of the disability and the need for the support. This eligibility criteria may be easy for people living with prolonged and severe mental illness but due to the difference in mental health conditions people with prolonged but not permanency of this disability cannot be eligible to access the NDIS.


To sum up, NDIS support people with psychosocial disability. It does it with the help of a recovery-oriented framework and it is committed to improving the lives of people with psychosocial disability. For eligibility, a person needs to prove the permanency of the disability they are having. NDIS and mental illness health providers support these people by using the guide developed by the Australian Government and Flinders University.