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NDIS Cleaning Services:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme cleaning services refer to housekeeping and cleaning services provided in Australia. The NDIS cleaning provides funds for various services that support individuals to improve their daily living.

These services give a variety of cleaning jobs so that NDIS participants can live safely and comfortably in their own homes.

Cleaning Services offered by NDIS:

  •  Vacuuming and Dusting
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Garage Cleaning
  •  Washing, Folding and Ironing
  •  Home and Bathroom Cleaning
  •  Kitchen Surface Cleaning
  •  Mopping
  •  Car services
  •  Window cleaning

Benefits of NDIS services:

Tailored access to care:

One of the key benefits of NDIS home services is the tailored approach to care. NDIS works for participants to create an individualized environment strategy that meets specific requirements and ensures that the support provided is exactly what they need to succeed.

Time management:

It allows individuals to perform other activities as well. It maintains and balances cleaning tasks by providing all supporting needs to participants.

Promoting wellness:

A clean, supportive and comfortable living is essential for promoting wellness. NDIS home services promote healthy living. By reducing the risk of allergens, infections and other health hazards, participants can enjoy a better quality of life supported by a clean and safe home.

Access to Community Resources:

Support and Therapy at Home works in partnership with community resources to provide participants with access to a wide range of services and supports. Whether it’s connecting people with local community groups, recreational activities or educational opportunities.

Promoting independence:

NDIS cleaning services aim to enable people with disabilities to live independently by providing help with tasks that may be difficult due to their special needs. With this support, participants can better manage their living space.